Rising Cost of New Brunswick Tuition

by politicalthing

This blog was originally published in Wednesday’s Daily Gleaner. I’m posting here for my own portfolio and for those who do not have access to Brunswick News.

Tories are completely out of touch with university students’ needs.

Re: Student debt

Bravo to UNB and STU student unions for your decision to scrap the annual premier’s message that graces the front of your student agendas, in favor of taking the Alward government to task on tuition fees.

Education is the backbone of today’s global economy, an economy that New Brunswick and its citizens are a part of. An educated citizenry propels economic development, it attracts employers, and it increases wages and government revenue.

As tuition costs get dangerously close to being unaffordable for many, it is painfully obvious that New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives are completely out of touch.

Between 1990 and 2007, tuition fee in New Brunswick increased 177 per cent, from $1,965 to $5,328. The last Liberal government legislated a tuition freeze that was removed by the Alward Tories in 2010, raising tuition by $200 in 2011 and another $175 for the 2012-2013 making for a tuition cost of $5,703 to attend one year of university.

While tuition fees increase, so do student debt levels, at the same time that 21st century jobs are passing New Brunswick by. The Alward government’s policy on tuition fees is not only wrong today, it is wrong for New Brunswick’s future.

Michael Girard


Fredericton Fort Nashwaak

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