Presidential Campaign Social Media Checkup. Part 1 of 3: Mitt Romney

by politicalthing

This blog was originally authored by me and published on the Radian6 website on June 27, 2012. I’m posting it here for posterity.

The presidential primary season came to a close Tuesday evening as voters in Utah cast their ballots in the final GOP primary. As we head into summer, the Democratic and Republican parties will begin their unofficial campaigns. Conversations will shift to who Romney will pick to be his vice presidential nominee, each party’s respective nominating conventions, and which candidate is showing momentum.

Given that we’ve come to a milestone in this year’s presidential campaign, I thought I would devote my two blogs this week to looking at the volume of social media buzz each candidate has generated to date. First up: Mitt Romney.

The Social Media Primaries

Mitt Romney has had a long road to travel to emerge as the Republican nominee. Early in the race, Romney was the hands-down favorite, but as more candidates put their names forward, social media users took their time conversing about each candidate in turn. At times, other candidates gained a larger share of the conversation than Romney as people debated the merits and demerits of each candidate.

In the end, there can only be one and Mitt Romney has emerged as the last Republican candidate standing.

Mitt Romney’s Social Buzz

Going back 30 days from Tuesday, June 26, Mitt Romney has received a little more then 3.5 million mentions, the most of which occurred earlier this month during the now infamous iPad app spelling error.

The Romney campaign has also generated a lot of social mentions for more substantive matters. On June 14, Mitt Romney and President Obama gave major policy speeches on the same day and gave social media users their first opportunity to compare the two men one-on-one.

Conversations and rumors concerning whom Romney will choose to be his vice presidential nominee also caused spikes in social mentions of the Republican nominee.

Social Media Doesn’t Love Easily

Running automated sentiment reveals that the social media world isn’t exactly enamored with Mitt Romney to date. The majority of mentions with identifiable trigger words are overwhelmingly negative.

The Romney campaign shouldn’t worry that they are all alone in this regard, as President Obama suffers the same issue. Check back on Friday when I take a look at the President’s social mentions going into the summer campaign months.

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